Presidential Candidate Causes a Stir in the Radford Community over Obama “Snob” Statements

Presidential Candidate Causes a Stir in the Radford Community over Obama “Snob” Statements

Written By: Kate Houser
February 29, 2012

Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum has received a large amount of media, public and political backlash after his statements made about President Obama’s stand on higher education. Santorum said that Obama’s push for all U.S. citizens to have a college degree was “intellectual and political snobbery”. This statement has caused many Republican political figures to come to the president’s defense as they strongly disagree with the senator’s claims.

It seems that it is not only political figures that are heated by this statement, but also members of the New River Valley community. Dr. Bruce P. Mahin, professor and music director at Radford University, was almost at a loss for words. It was clear Dr. Mahin found the stab at Obama to be ridiculous and inaccurate.

“Statistically, college graduates earn more than those without a degree,” he said. “This is a factual statistic. Also, college is a place where people learn more about themselves and where you fit into the world. Obama wasn’t being a snob when he says he wants everyone to have a degree, it doesn’t sound elitist at all. A college degree is a great thing and there’s no fault in aspiring to that.”

The presidential candidate also said that he believes that all people can find success, even without a degree and by the president making that statement; he is belittling those citizens who do not have a higher education.

“I do believe that someone without a degree can have great success, but it is certainly more difficult than someone with a degree,” Dr. Mahin said. Even students with a degree struggle in finding jobs in the current economic state our country is in. The job search for a young person without a degree is even more challenging.

Santorum making these statements shows that he is attempting to make his target voting audience those without four-year degrees. Frances Zander, a custodian at Radford University, is an example of a citizen who highly disagrees with Santorum’s stab at the president.

“He’s a wack job,” she said. Zander, who was born in Mexico, does not have a four-year degree. “Education is the most important thing a country can offer its citizens. I have no children but if I did, I would most definitely make sure they went to college or they would end up here (moves arms around her where she is cleaning the hallway).”

“I strongly agree with President Obamas push for all Americans to have a higher education and I think that Santorum is extremely wrong,” she said. Many powerful Politian’s, both Republican and Democrat would agree with the custodians statements.


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