Delta Zeta Gives Back to the Painted Turtle Camp

Delta Zeta Gives Back to Painted Turtle Camp
Written by: Kate Houser
April 15, 2012

If you spent your childhood running around the neighborhood with your friends, spending hours on end at the community pool, or building forts in your backyard, then you were one of the lucky ones. There are hundreds of children today that can’t do the innocent childhood activities they should be able to do because of a serious medical condition. Many of us would be happy staying home from school because of a cold, or a sore throat, but the illnesses that some children have to cope with are much more serious. There are children every day being diagnosed with the burden of facing illnesses such as diabetes, kidney diseases, muscular dystrophy, spina bifida, and many more. Radford University’s Delta Zeta sorority is passionate about helping children like this that have chronic and life-threatening diseases that cannot live the careless childhood every person deserves.

One of Delta Zeta’s national philanthropic organizations is a camp called the Painted Turtle Camp whose mission is to provide a camp environment for children with these illnesses. The camp provides daily medical care as well as a fun atmosphere where the children are able to do fun activities to fill their time with more than just daily hospital visits. 40% of the children that attend the camp come from low-income families. Because of the kind and compassionate partners and donators, the camp is able to run free of charge for the children and their families.

To help support this great cause, the sisters of Delta Zeta gave back this past Friday when they organized a supply drive for the camp. “People could give either monetary donations or buy supplies in Wal-Mart and bring it out to us when they were done shopping, that made it easy for them to donate! We used to monetary donations to buy more supplies at Wal-Mart at the end of the day,” said freshman, Jacey Cox. The girls sat outside of the Fairlawn Wal-Mart for hours on Friday asking people to donate goods such as crayons, glue sticks, markets, etc. for the campers to do crafts with. “I sat at the supply drive from 12-2p.m. and had a lot of fun doing it spending time with my sisters as well as giving back to the camp!” said junior, Rachel Anzengruber.

At the end of the day, the sorority was able to fill four large boxes to mail to the camp, located in California. “I really loved telling people about the cause and having them help the Painted Turtle Camp! It was nice to see the boxes filled with crayons and markets for the kids to enjoy,” said freshman, Allie Annunziata. The experience was rewarding for the sisters, who were able to spend the afternoon enjoying the beautiful weather, each others company, and the feeling of giving back to a great cause.

Writers note: If you would like to learn more about the Painted Turtle Camp please visit their website at


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